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2015 HCLS Seattle at Safeco Field

Introductory Article on Human Centric Lighting by Stan Walerczyk

Stan Walerczyk’s well known article on the subject of Human Centric Lighting
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LIGHTING FOR AGING VISION by Eunice Waggoner & Robert Dupuy

An depth perspective on the subject of lighting for aging vision & health for the November session of the Human Centric Lighting Committee.
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Biological Effects of Light by Dieter Lang

Understanding of biological effects of light has dramatically increased during the last ten years. After proof of a third photoreceptor in the human eye chronobiological effects of light as well as direct alerting effects have first been investigated in scientific studies.
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Dynamic Lighting on Student Learning by Michael Mott

Recent research has examined lighting variables of color temperature, and illumination for affecting sleep, mood, focus, motivation, concentration, and work and school performance.
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